Dr Cameron Hunter presented at NATO’s defence college on 7th July 2021. The event was the NATO Defence College’s Early-Career Nuclear Strategists Workshop (

His paper was titled “Bernard Brodie’s Strategic Theory in the Third Nuclear Age.” I highlighted Brodie’s arguments that technological change does not inevitably demand certain policy choices. The workshop format meant that I received feedback from senior scholars and practitioners from the nuclear community.

UK Project on Nuclear Issues Annual Conference 2021

Dr Cameron Hunter presented his talk ‘The “Rupture-Talk” of Emerging Tech versus Nuclear Deterrence’ at PONI 2021

Dr Cameron Hunter

The UK PONI Annual Conference is the premier UK forum for supporting the emergence of new nuclear expertise from academia, industry, government, and the military., The 2021 UK PONI Annual Conference provides participants with a platform from which to discuss and debate new nuclear thinking, a forum in which to meet nuclear specialists from a variety of fields, and a knowledge exchange between established and emerging nuclear thinkers.