Pugwash Technology & Peace Conference


On the 12th February 2022, Student/Young Pugwash (SYP) UK will host its next online Annual Conference on the theme of ‘Technology & Peace’.

This event is open to all, including members of British Pugwash and the public. It will be held on Zoom.

SYP UK’s Annual Conference is held in partnership with University of Leicester’s Third Nuclear Age project. It will cover challenges to and opportunities for peace in the realms of nuclear weapons, digital/cyber warfare, UK foreign policy, and Higher Education.

Speakers include

Peter Jenkins CMG

The former UK Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency and now Chairman of British Pugwash

Dr Tim Street

Board of Nuclear Information Service and author of ‘The Politics of Nuclear Disarmament’

Dr Alexi Drew

Senior Analyst at RAND Europe and co-author of ‘Escalation by Tweet

The conference is an opportunity for students and younger people to share their ideas and research from a mix of disciplinary backgrounds and meet senior individuals from the worlds of academia, diplomacy and science.To attend the conference, visit here. For more information, contact syp@britishpugwash.org


Additional conference information:

Accessibility questions:
If you have any accessibility concerns or questions, please get in touch via syp@britishpugwash.org

Zoom link on the day:
We will be using the same Zoom link for all of the workshops. Please register the event and the link will be sent to you (plus reminders).

Questions / discussion:
The conference uses a standard Zoom Meeting format. Feel free to use the Chat Box for discussion. If you have a question for a speaker, please type ‘Question’ followed by the text of the question. The Chair of the session will then select questions in due course.

We ask attendees to help us foster a collaborative and welcoming environment. We also have a zero tolerance policy towards harassment and bullying – any abusive language or behaviour will result in immediate removal from the event.

Past SYP UK Annual Conferences:
For multimedia from past conferences, visit: