The Third Nuclear Age

The Project

Towards a Third Nuclear Age: Strategic Conventional Weapons and the Next Revolution in the Global Nuclear Order (NUCLEARREV).

This project is the first ever systematic study of Strategic Non Nuclear Weapons and associated technologies. The impact of SNNW requires a complete rethink of the global nuclear order, and a paradigmatic shift in nuclear studies. 

This project is funded by the European Research Council.

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Chart SNNW GloballyChart the Strategic Non Nuclear Weapons phenomenon (SNNW), globally. Analyse how SNNW will impact regional nuclear relations and balances.Learn MoreExamineExamine what the development of SCW means for the frameworks, dogma, and orthodoxy that govern international nuclear relations.Learn MoreMake the CaseMake the case for a revolution in nuclear affairs and define the embryonic Third Nuclear Age.Learn MoreCapacity buildingBuild global intellectual capacity and train the next generation of experts on this issue. This research will provide the landmark study of this phenomenon and the centrepiece for a whole new generation of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work on nuclear affairs.Learn More


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