As part of The Third Nuclear Age project, Olamide in conjunction with the Managing the Atom project are reinvestigating African engagement with the global nuclear order.

Dr Olamide Samuel

Western-centric policymaking and scholarship tend to overlook the continent in discourse about the global nuclear order. Yet, upon closer investigation we find that African narratives, identities, and aspirations have had significant impact on the nuclear order from the Bandung conference, all the way to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Earlier this year, Olamide held a seminar at Harvard’s Belfer Center on ‘Agency, Africa and the Atom’, where the implications of the ‘single story’ of the African contribution to nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament was discussed at length. This was followed by a Belfer Center panel discussion in March. Titled ‘Africa and the Atom: Rethinking African Agency in the Global Nuclear Order’, Olamide led a panel of experts in an in-depth conversation on the African nuclear narratives. The panelists were: Dr Hassan Elbahtimy (Kings College London), Dr Toni Haastrup (University of Stirling), Dr David Otwoma (Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Kenya) abd Dr Joelien Pretorius (University of the Western Cape)

The Inkstick special forum ‘Africa and the Atomic Bomb’, moves the conversation further, and features reflections from both the panellists and invited participants:

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